Need help with your move?

Déménagement Paris

A move is considered one of the most stressful events in a lifetime. This is indeed a significant change, especially when we decide to move to the other side of the continent, to a large city or to the heart of the capital, Paris. If you are as enthusiastic about this project as you are concerned about it, you can bet that a little help wouldn’t be a problem.

A move, a matter of friends and family

If you need help to facilitate your moving to Paris, or anywhere else, it is time to call on the people around you. Contact your friends and ask them to participate. Your family members can also help. Prepare them early enough so that as many people as possible are available on D-Day. Also, plan to pack your boxes well in advance so that everything is ready on moving day. Take the time to brief your team: destination of furniture and cardboard, fragile objects, number of floors… And to thank your friends and family while encouraging them, don’t hesitate to prepare a small "buffet".

A Paris, professionals help you move

If you move to the emergency room, your friends are not available, you move to the other side of France or your move is large, you can also get help from professionals. The service is generally offered on an a la carte basis. That is, they can move only large furniture, appliances and fragile objects. You will then only have to load the boxes. They can also assemble and dismantle your furniture, make your boxes, clean your old home… And some of them offer a furniture storage service which, in Paris, is particularly appreciated. These experts will also take over the truck and you will not have to manage Parisian traffic.

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